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Monday, 14 May 2012

Zayn Malik is here bebeh


first - this is a trick. zayn malik (from the boy band One Direction) is not here personally. but he's here. in this picture ! ~keke
ohh.. he's charming. that is vat i can say bella amor.. he is guapo chico. guapo guapo bebeh.

as far as me know. he's a mixed british-pakistani. aww, tulaa bulu mata lentik bebenau. bijik mata dia pun gojes jugak - but sadly, he's a smoking-guy. *demmit. though i hate smokers, he's a good-looking dude anyway. so.. who cares ? haha

guapo is good looking in spanish. is it true? guapo right ? haha

lululululululu.. and, good night 


  1. Como o povo português. espécie que, agora não entendo.. haha amacam.. paham tak... Tak paham pegi kat google translate...

  2. dah ; As the Portuguese people. species that, now do not understand. omaigod. vai is dat bro ? haha