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Thursday, 1 November 2012

'Sup : #Garfield


I narssistic.
I cute.
I sexy.
and I know it.

Yes. That's me, I is no Dee-Dee's pet. 
I is also no street cat, I got owner, 
owner lepas jalan2. and.. Dee-Dee found me.

ayyy...sexaay ladaay. op op op.. (please continue)

saja panggil nama Garfield sebab, ada bias macam kucing gemuk nama garfield tu kan?

he tried to scratch me. and he did.once

oy fluffy dude, dirty laa~

feeding Garfield

Garfield mad

Garfield left.. sobs

argh..ayah! ~nak kucing sekoq!

xox people.
love animal, don't be an animal abuser ok.

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