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Friday, 2 March 2012


Assalamualaikum wbt.

*yawn.. 6:22pm & start writing again. why, why.. cos i can see one of my friends love to live by rules, & rules & restrictions. yeah i know as a muslim, we live by rules of agama kan. but this is different. completely different. it's about our lifes, our surrounding.sometimes they said ; oh - i dont wanna befriend w/ some girls yang *tak pakai tudung. - takut terpengaruh. those who r *uncovered r bad people, mesti tak solat ni. (ramai je yang covered out there, tapi solat pun tak.) *must've befriend dgn org popular to make yourself get attention. - mesti befriend w many guys to make u look *swag. who ever intended to do these?'s friggin riddiculous. i found some during my school time dulu. -here, at my college pon ade.. i dont know la but my senior called 'em as the horridious cows yg tak tahu malu.. they just make em look like morons in front of public. haha.. ayat dia memang power, mungkin ada jugak kemungkinan yg pendapat2 dia tu betol ? terpulang kt korang to judge it.- nasib baik, i try to choose friends wisely, and i found 'em. kalau tak? aku pun akan jadik mcm tu kot ?

furthermore, ada some people live by rules.. this & that. - 'oh, i tak suka layan lagu melayu, takde class laa girls' -i tak suka tengok girls yang berkepit dgn boyfies dorang 24/7, meluat'.. i tak suka this and that..
dont get over restricted like that cos one day u might break the rules u've made & embarrased urself. *people surrounding mesti akan cakap - 'eh ; bukan ke she said dulu.. she hate malay songs.. at the end.. dok nyanyi jugak lagu awan nano tu pagi petang..' - weii.. she hate couples kan, but at the end.. dia hooked-up jugak dgn mamat tu. see.. see? that's why laa.. me think, set ourself free.. *not naked w/out clothes.. (pada yg suka pikiaq pelik2. haha)

choose friends wisely - mama selalu cakap. sometimes bcos of peers laa.. kita jadik terpengaruh.. kalau kawan dok gedik.. lama2 kita pon ikot gedik sekali.. kalau kawan tu jahat. maybe kita pon akan ikot perangai setan dia? .even myself pun.. aku masih tercari2 kawan yg sejati.. takat ni, belum jumpa lagi lah.. kalau close friends tu mesti la..i got some & dorang memang sgt2 baik dgn aku.. & i love em to death =)
befriends w/ people that'll make u feel comfy, anything,, as long as they can accept the way u are 120%. fo-sho.. bukan kawan that'll stab ur back (bad friends!) .not w/ some biatch that acting like the assholes, no manners & bla3.. *gasp. these people.. oii - me think they got severe.. attitudinal problem until they die at age 74..

here, at kmpp (Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang) yg banyak kali aku sebut.. almost setiap post. *yawn..bosan! .......
even myself - me cant wait for the semester 4 to come, insyaAllah kalau pointer elok laa - yup.. where it's the end of my fucking bitter sweet life here. at the time i step out frm kmpp, april 2013 - bad memories & assholes biatch will be deleted frm my brain.. yeah, Chiao Bella.. - TTYL.

nota kaki : mintak maaf. grammar hancor lebor. good day!


  1. aku tak kata hang.. =) hang mmg baik sampai mati. lap yu kicap! haha